Saturday, July 22, 2006

Trading In Old Beliefs

I know the WNBA isn’t known for trade-deadline deals, or too many big trades for that matter, but I still find Thursday’s events hard to believe.
The 8 p.m. trade deadline passed with no action and there’s been just one signing since then. It doesn’t make much sense.
There are few teams safe to make the playoffs at this point, and even those teams higher in the standings are struggling to create much separation. With that in mind, there have to be some players out there underachieving to some degree on their current team but capable of turning around with a change of scenery. That’s the case in most other sports, but WNBA teams apparently don’t utilize such beliefs.
As for the clubs still with outside playoff hopes and those trying to hold off the pack — that means virtually everyone out West — it’s even more inexcusable to remain with the status quo. If your current roster only got you to the position of being in a dogfight to make the postseason, why should that same lineup suddenly open a significant cushion?
Free agency and player movement is still relatively new in the world of women’s sports, as is the notion of women’s sports for that matter. But trades are a key part of any pro league, and are especially important to show fans that the team is never settling for the current situation.
The trade deadline in baseball is fast approaching and the big talk among analysts is which contender is going to make the move that puts them over the top. Perhaps WNBA execs should look at the happenings within baseball and take some advise for this time next year.


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