Sunday, July 09, 2006

What A Win

Even if you’re not a WNBA fan but just enjoy basketball, anyone who saw the Sun’s comeback Saturday had to appreciate how remarkable the achievement was. Playing a high-scoring team like Phoenix, I figured that was the worst scenario for trying to erase a 17-point halftime deficit.
During the intermission I even rifled through the team’s media guide to find the most lopsided loss in Connecticut history. One member of the Sun staff told me I should instead be searching for the biggest halftime comeback. Boy was she right.
Saturday provided the type of win that can change a season. There was so much excitement in the Sun’s locker room after the victory, which sent the team into the All-Star break feeling pretty good about a 14-5 record to date.
Not only was coming back a great accomplishment, but doing it with Nykesha Sales out due to injury only adds to the significance. Any team out there thinking the Sun are vulnerable with their second-leading scorer may need to change those beliefs.


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