Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dunk This

OK. Enough is enough,
I’ve been reading it in different newspapers and seeing it on TV. I’m so tired of having to recount the final seconds of Wednesday’s All-Star Game, in which the teams turned things into an embarrassing slam dunk contest.
I understand that dunking is something that appeals to fans — and some players — but it is not part of the women’s game, at least right now. Watching the 6-foot-5 Michelle Snow dunk, something she did going back to her days at Tennessee, doesn’t make me any more eager to get writing on my game story, nor should it entice more fans to come out and watch.
(The New York Post did the women’s game a disservice with its game story in Thursday’s editions, although, let’s not forget it was the players who allowed for such an account to be produced.)
While I agree with Dawn Staley’s belief that dunking may one day be a part of the WNBA, we need to all slow down and wait for the moment to happen. I’m still waiting for the first dunk over a player or in traffic, something that comes in the game’s natural flow.
By the way, as for Diana Taurasi’s botched attempt, which started the whole circus, she gave the same excuse from a day earlier after posting a last-place result in the 3-Point Shootout. “The ball was sticky.”


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