Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MVP In The Making

As further testament to Katie Douglas’ candidacy for MVP of the WNBA see Monday night’s Sun win at the Liberty.
Douglas, a top-10 scorer throughout this season, reached double figures for the 22nd time in 24 games with 16 points, but she passed up a few easy ones that could have gotten her to 20. Instead of taking some of the open shots that came her way, Douglas chose to pass when easier shots were there for teammates. She also dished off a few of her season-high six assists when New York’s defense collapsed on her.
“I’m the type of player,” Douglas said after the win, “if two people are going to come on me, you’re kind of in trouble because we have four potent weapons out there.”
Douglas was her usual defensive presence, which has helped the Sun remain consistent on that end during the absence of Nykesha Sales. The team, although wishing it could have its dominant small forward back, has barely slipped is this six games so far without Sales.
If the Sun win the East, the only obvious choice for MVP is Douglas.


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