Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Something New

This is a first.
Outside of conference tournaments in college basketball, it's rare to see sporting events starting at this early juncture. But that's what we get today at Madison Square Garden, where the Sun take on the Liberty.
It felt a little strange waking up at 7:25 a.m. at my buddy's apartment so I could shower, pack and make the subway in time to be here for media access at 9 with time to spare. Considering I'm always the one out of my friends with the strange hours —— but the perks of, generally, getting to wake up late —— fastening my tie as my friend was just trolling out of bed was a new one for me.
After a slight snag getting my press pass, things are going to pretty well here. I just caught up with Ashley Battle —— the details of that interview will be divulged in my next Sunday notebook —— and now it's off to check out the breakfast spread.
Still waiting to see how 4,000 kids in the crowds affects the atmosphere. Hopefully, I won't walk out this afternoon with a terrible headache.


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