Friday, May 12, 2006

Thoughts From The Thruway

Although I didn’t walk into my door until nearly 2 a.m., making the drive up to Albany and back for Thursday’s preseason game between Phoenix and Detroit proved worthwhile.
First off, it was nice to catch up with Ann Strother, and hopefully I’ll have more of those stories to come about Barbara Turner and Willnett Crockett. It also provided a chance to talk with Diana Taurasi, who I had never met because I didn’t cover the team when she played.
But perhaps the most enjoyable part of the experience was based on where my seat was in Pepsi Arena. I was placed almost directly behind the Shock bench, which meant I got to hear almost every word out of coach Bill Laimbeer’s mouth. It was great.
There was rarely a moment he didn’t have some type of comment for the officials. Often times I was left laughing to myself with some of his phrases, and there were plenty of times both he and the officials let out a few chuckles.


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