Sunday, May 07, 2006

Phillips In Camp

So Erin Phillips is finally in the United States. Despite missing the first two weeks of training camp, she looked pretty good for someone stepping into practice for the first time on just a few hours sleep.
It will be interesting to how Phillips fairs in Sunday’s preseason opener.
If she has some success it would be indicative of the hype she carries over from Australia. Even if she’s not entirely effective, don’t take that as a negative. Looking good early on in practice is completely different than proving effective in a game with virtually no prep time.
Based on first judgments, Phillips did seem very relieved to finally be here. There was a great sense of frustration in her voice when discussing the delays in her visa.
But all of that is in the past and Sun fans should be pleased to see the arrival of Phillips. She has a chance to be very successful.


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