Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Waiting Game

It's a reality of professional sports, although the typical fan doesn't much about the subject.
Well now Eastern Connecticut residents are going to be introduced to the world of professional athletes from other countries seeking visas in order to compete in the U.S. There is plenty of hope for young Erin Phillips to have a successful career in the WNBA with the Sun, that is once she gets into the country. Don't worry too much, her paperwork is all in and she should be to training camp later this week or early next week.
This holdup isn't common for American athletes, at least the most prominent ones. Soccer players deal with this all the time - and aside from the fact its Premier League features some of the world's top players -— many U.S. talents can't try their trade in England because the country has very strict rules on athletic work visas, which are normally reserved for some of the planet's highest-paid talents. That's why many Americans get their start is Holland, which has much more liberal rules, but I digress.
As for the WNBA, I think it's great that the league is taking on a more international look, just like the NBA. Entering year No. 10, it's fair to say that WNBA has proven its staying power. By recruiting the world's best - and remaining patient through the occasional hiccup - the fan base only stands to rise.


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