Monday, May 15, 2006

A Reason to Stay Interested

In preparation for the upcoming season, which kicks off this Saturday, I’ve been speaking with some season-ticket holders to find out why they initially became interested in the Sun and what keeps them coming back.
I had already heard stories of how great WNBA players are in the community and seen glimpses of it this training camp, but hearing it from you fans has reinforced things I was previously told. Talking to Diana Taurasi last week only furthered these thoughts.
There is no overwhelming reason why this league is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary. No magic, or reinventing-the-wheel business scheme. The players deserve most of the credit, and plenty of that has to do with what they do off the court.
Fans feel an attachment to the teams and players they follow with good reason. There are numerous opportunities to get up close and talk to these athletes, which in turn makes spectators feel a greater to reason to remain interested. The players understand their roles, and they embrace the league’s desire to consistently reach out to fans.
If you’re a fan, there are few leagues out there that offer similar benefits.


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