Saturday, August 05, 2006

Nykesha Still In Limbo

Word out of Houston is Nykesha Sales was on the court a little during today’s practice, but she did not participate in any extensive drills.
This was likely to be the Sun’s only practice during this three-game road trip over four days, so don’t bet on Sales playing during the stretch. I guess there’s an outside chance of her suiting up for the home finale or final regular-season game a week from tomorrow in Detroit, but I’m still holding to the belief that she’s done until the playoffs.
But here’s something to consider. Let’s say Connecticut manages to run the table down the stretch, or even just clinch home-court advantage throughout, is there a risk as to how Sales is reintroduced into the lineup? The team has been working well with its current system, and that balance cannot be tinkered with too much.
My bold prediction? If Sales is to start at all from now until the end of the playoffs, don’t expect it until the WNBA Finals.
And even still, she might be only coming off the bench should the Sun make it that far, which wouldn’t be so bad. Sales and Asjha Jones make for a pretty good combination against an opposition’s tired and slightly worn down starting five.
But that’s just an opinion. One of many I’m sure circulating out there.


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