Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wrapping Things Up

With the Eastern Conference finals now just two days away from starting, here are some final thoughts on the Sun's first-round win over Washington.
After watching Game 2, it's hard not the believe a rivalry was born. The second game took on a much more physical feel than the opener, in part, because the officials lost control. The game featured one flagrant foul —— DeLisha Milton-Jones delivered a solid elbow to the head of Katie Douglas —— and a pair of technical fouls. Washington coach Richie Adubato was whistled for excessive complaining and Nykesha Sales got a tech midway through the first quarter.
The feistiness was probably a good thing for the Sun, who can expect an even more physical series in the upcoming round against rival Detroit. Winning ugly could also prove key since the loss of Douglas will certainly slow or limit the offense.

More than a half hour after Game 2 was complete, Alana Beard of the Mystics made her way out of Mohegan Sun Arena through the tunnel and walked by the Connecticut locker room. She gave Lindsay Whalen a hug and delivered a quick message. "Get it done, man," Beard said. "Third time's a charm."
Time will tell.


At 2:49 PM, Blogger Barbaloo said...

Arthur, nice bit about Alana Beard -- While I always thought she was a good player, I never really liked her, although probably my feelings were colored by the UConn/Duke thing. In terms of losing KT, Kesha was quoted by someone on Sunday as saying that even if they didn't have KT for the rest of the playoffs, they could get it done. She said it is all a matter of FAITH -- fans' faith in coaches and players, coaches' faith in players and fans, and players' faith in coaches and fans. I am a fanatical fan (you may recall me as the North Haven commuter you wrote about at the beginning of the season), and I HAVE FAITH in the Sun -- they're going to get it done!


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